UNOFFICIAL ! Experimental GA Steam Outstanding Wishlist Ranking (errors may occur therefore DO NOT USE IT FOR important business decisions)

The estimations are based on public user profile sample (sorted by number of public steam profiles that have the app on their wishlist - this may not properly mirror all user profiles).
The estimations are based on 5-day random sample therefore numbers are properly estimated if wishlist was enabled for the application for at least last 5 days (users could wishlist the application for at least 5 days).
Report contains all applications (unreleased and released ones) that met minimal statistical threshold.

Updated: #data# . Refresh every ~30 min

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Image P Game name 1d 7d 1m Dev/Pub T Wishl Foll Foll 24h Foll ratio Online% Chat% Ingame% Rev % Rev cnt Rev inc Rev inc% Release date Price % Charts